My Family


    I am the youngest child of my parents, born in 1987 to an Hindu family.
My Parents:

My Parents
   My parents are my idols. I am really thankful to them for providing me such a strong foundation of value, commitment, love for others and self respect. For me, my parents are my teachers. They have shown me the way in many difficult situations, regarding handling problems, money budgeting, caring for people etc. My parents believe in core values of life and follow them.

    My father is a retired primary school teacher. I have done my schooling under his guidance, in the same school where he was a teacher. He has helped me in taking multiple decisions in my life and supported me both monetary and morally. My moth
er is a house wife. She is a die-hard believer of the supreme power (GOD).

My Sisters:

    I have three sisters, all elder to me. All of them are married and settled in their life. My eldest sister is a primary school teacher. My middle sister is a housewife. Both of them are blessed with two children. My youngest sister is working in military nursing service (MNS).

With Sisters
               (Ranjita Nani)                  (Sanjukta Nani)                  (Rajashree Nani)                       (Me)