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Meaning of Amiya

The word "Amiya" means "Amruta" or "a wonderful smelling nectar" or "delightful".

    Amruta is repeatedly referred to as the drink of the gods, which grants them immortality.

    According to ancient Hindu stories, Amruta was found during Samudra Manthan by both Devatas and Asuras. Amruta is a magical liquid. Even a single drop of Amruta is sufficient to make any living body immortal. Because of the tricks of lord Vishnu, Devatas got drops of Amruta while Asuras did not even get a single drop. There were countless wars among Devatas and Asuras to get the right to Amruta.

    As Amruta is the master cure medicine for the mortal body, it is believed that lord Dhanvantari (Doctor of Gods) has been given the responsibility to carry the Amruta with him.

    The term "Panchamurta" refers to a sweet smelling, delightful liquid, generally taken as the Prasad of Gods.