About Me

    "Sometimes it takes a whole life time to know someone. Sometimes all it takes is just a look."

    It really sounds so simple that one can say a lot about himself once given a chance but trust me it’s not. When the first time I tried to write down something about me, I was completely lost that from where I should start. I could manage to write just a few lines only.

    If you have already visited here, you must have read something about me. It took me a while to figure out what and how to write something about me. Well here is what I have come up with. It’s not complete of me but still I have tried to tell you about me as much I can in some lines and paragraphs.

    So what’s coming next is most of me…

    I was born into an Oriya family in Anandpur, Orissa (India) in 1987. My father is a retired primary school teacher and my mother has been serving my family as a housewife. My grandfather was a farmer and well known person in my village. I have three elder sisters, all settled in their life. I was brought up in a typical Oriya family (semi-nucleus family) and spent my whole childhood in the village with my friends.

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